Line Maze Solver


Kaustubh Hakim


Line Maze Solver has to find out a path in a maze of white lines ( which would be a part of a grid 20X20 cms. ) from a given start point to an unknown end point. This could be thought to be a small scale micromouse problem consisting of lines instead of walls.

1st years

Group No. 1

1. Hrishikesh Jainak
2. Shirish Subramanian
3. Shubhanshu Mishra
4. Vikram Kadam
5. Amit bhojane
6. Advait Bapat
7. Ankit Verma
8. Kripasindhu Sarkar
9. Sourav Das
10. Ankit Reene Topno
11. Ratul Kumar Sarkar



Meeting 9 Friday April 25

Meeting 8 Saturday April 12

Meeting 7 Friday April 11

Meeting 6 Sunday April 6

Meeting 5 Saturday April 5

Meeting 4 Friday April 4

Meeting 3 Wednesday April 2

Meeting 2 Tuesday March 25

Meeting 1 Sunday March 23


Embedded part is completed (including sensor circuit, stepper motor circuit and 8051 circuit)

Mechanical part is fully completed

The grid for the Line-Maze Solver has been completed

Mechanical work of the bot has been completed except the wheel because we couldn't find a suitable way for fixing the wooden wheels to the shaft of the stepper motors

Vikram and Shirish are currently working on the complex part of code.This is expected to be completed by friday latest.The code is being written in assembly language and not c as decided earlier.Embedded team should give individual feedback as soon as possible

Making of the LINE MAZE SOLVER

Minutes of the Meeting

Meeting 2

Tasks completed :finalized outline of mechanical part and algo—

1) stepper motors and motor driver IC L298-datasheet available on net- (other availabli IC's-L293D,) will be used
2) 3 wheels- 2 back stepper wheels and one front caster wheel-will be used
3) sensor arrangement:
Team will be using 5 sensors-
3 for line following which will also be giving the input about straight path and
other 2 sensors for detecting sidepaths.

Tasks assigned :

1) coding
2) sensor circuits
3) design of stepper circuits

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